Oil Change Service

Changing your car’s oil is one of the simplest maintenance practices you can perform.
But, did you know that it is the most important?

Changing your oil in appropriate intervals is the surest way to achieve a long healthy life from your vehicle. Equally important is using a quality motor oil and filter. As well as being the simplest, it is one of the least expensive maintenance practices you can do.

At Compass Auto Works we use Valvoline products exclusively. Oil is commonly referred to as “Synthetic” or “Conventional”. Though Synthetic oil costs more, it extends the intervals between oil changes. Synthetic oil is also a superior product and when broke out in actual cost per mile the expense is very similar to that of Conventional oil, but with greater benefit. In addition, using the correct grade of oil and using the correct filter is critical and not something left to random chance. That is why our Compass Auto Works technicians use great care when choosing the correct oil and filter for your vehicle.

The process of changing your oil may be the simplest maintenance practice but it is the most valuable. This is the perfect opportunity to have your vehicle checked over by the technician performing the oil change. This practice can head off problems before they become even bigger problems and help ensure the safe operation of your vehicle.

Oil Change Club

At Compass Auto Works we strongly believe in the importance of maintaining the intervals between your vehicles oil changes that we decided to perform the 5th one for FREE !

To support our customers in maintaining the vehicles, we will provide you with our “Oil Change Club Card”. It’s simple, after four paid oil changes the 5th, one is on us. The 5th free oil change is whatever grade oil and filter your last four were, whether synthetic or conventional we cover the cost.